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A police dog, often referred to as a "K-9" in some areas, is a dog that is trained exactly to assist police and other law-enforcement workers in their work. The most commonly used breed is the German Shepard, although now Belgian Malinois are also justly popular dogs to use.
In many authorities the intentional injuring or killing of a police dog is a felony, exposing the committer to harsher penalties than those in the acts personified in local animal cruelty laws, just as an assault on a human police officer is often a more serious offense than the same assault on a non-officer. A growing number of law-enforcement organizations outfit dogs with ballistic vests, and some make the dogs sworn officers, with their own police badges and IDs. Furthermore, a police dog killed in the line of duty is often given a full police funeral.


Embezzlement is in a nut shell stealing. While regular run of the mill theft is very noticeable almost as soon as it happens, Embezzlement can and usually is several time more intricate. You may know some who fills out forms stating they done more than they actually have in order to get more reimbursement from the company. Maybe the person acts as if they were at work before not showing up and trying to collect money for hours they did not put in these are forms of embezzlement and they are more difficult to spot. “Taking a little off the top” is a serious crime that ruins the trust your employers have placed in you and seriously damages your reputation. If you find yourself in a situation where you find yourself being accused of embezzlement seek the aid of our attorneys immediately there’s no time to waste.


When you’re charged with any criminal offense it is not the financial restitution you should be the most concerned with what will follow you is the damage to your reputation. Damage to your reputation will affect everything from your career to your personal life but let us not forget it will also affect your finances in turn it’ll even affect the lives of the people associated with you most notably your friends and family. If you are charged with any crime it is imperative that you hire an attorney who is experienced in the area for which you are being charged if for no other reason but to protect your reputation and circumvent the things that may come to be associated with your name.

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    Lawyers of South Florida Miami

    Lawyers of South Florida Miami

    Attorneys of South Florida

    Lawyers of South Florida Miami

    Attorneys of South Florida

    Lawyers of South Florida Miami

    Attorneys of South Florida

    Lawyers of South Florida Miami

    Attorneys of South Florida

    Lawyers of South Florida Miami

    Attorneys of South Florida